Thursday, March 6, 2014

Update - March 2014

Hello all - I have not added to this site since 2012 - however, much of the information on it is still relevant to the discussion. At some future point, it may be revived. If you are interested in the topic, join the site so that you get any updates - or bookmark it and check back from time to time.
Thank you for your continuing interest.

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  1. Here is a suggestion for FWC dated August 31, 2013 by Sarasota project manager Sam Russo and Sam Cavers, harbormaster. They propose to "increase boundaries from 150’ to a much greater
    distance from designated mf." (mooring field) and elsewhere in their report proposed a much shorted than 90 day anchoring time limitation. There is currently a huge, empty, unused portion of Sarasota Bay, suitable for anchoring, without moorings, that is off limits because it's inside the proposed future mooring field. I am currently anchored in the narrow swath left to us to anchor on the outside of the traditional city anchorage. Many moorings are vacant while we are crowded together on the south side of the bay. They still want more????/
    From FWC website:

    "d. Suggestions of how A&M should proceed?
    i. The City desires to continue our local ordinance however we
    would like to know lessons learned from other municipalities for
    incorporation into our ordinance and we would like to rethink
    some of our set back and time restrictions to account for our
    unintended consequences.
    ii. Consider to increase boundaries from 150’ to a much greater
    distance from designated mf. Enforcement is huge hinge point.
    Majority of mf tenants are very happy with the mf. Less
    sewage, better anchorage, less crime and better overall
    perception of the mooring field tenants. Mf working well but
    better enforcement of non-mf residents would enhance its
    benefits for the city. "
    Anthony Russo and Sam Chavers