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The whole idea of a Pilot Program to test out rules is ridiculous anyway. Imagine if we allowed towns on land to test out new highway rules using a pilot program? St. Augustine wants to switch to driving on the left side of the road, so they're allowed to test it out to see what happens?
So far every proposed rule I've seen is solely designed to force out anybody and everybody at anchor by making it too much of a hassle. These aren't serious regulations that could be applied on a statewide basis. They might work to eliminate derelicts from a particular community if only five PP sites are doing it, but if these laws go Florida-wide it will be an impossible situation. Take StA's new rules on no anchoring within 50 feet of any marine structure. Nobody even knows what that means.
I strongly suspect that most of these rules will be found invalid when challenged in court. Nobody can seriously believe that the wording that allows PP communities to regulate anchoring outside of mooring fields means everywhere outside of the field. In the case of Monroe County they are proposing rules 40-50 miles from a mooring field! If anybody thinks that will stand up in court they are smoking something funny. I hope the five PP sites have contingency budgets for paying for the legal challenges.
We need uniform, statewide rules created by marine professionals that are logical, enforceable, and can be complied with by transient boaters.



To Those with Influence:

PLEASE, PLEASE, not let this happen!!  My husband and I cruise extensively and have enjoyed our many visits to Manatee Pocket during transits on the ICW or across Lake Okeechobee.  Manatee Pocket is one of the safest anchorages along the waterways, as well as being beautiful and convenient to shoreside provisioning.  It is one of the few anchorages where the "no wake zones" are actually adhered to, making it so much safer and pleasant.  We have enjoyed our dinghy rides in the "Pocket", walking the area and the park.  It would be yet another chain on the gate for local and visiting boaters and cruisers and would have a huge economic impact on your area.  Most cruisers will spend at least $100 a day while visiting a town...groceries, fuel, repairs, parts, movies, visits to restaurants and other shopping.

Please, I implore you...DO NOT cut us off from this gem along the waterway.  It would be a sad, sad day.

Thank you for your attention,
Carolyn Frazier
"Double Dragon"  43' 1975 Gulfstar Mark II


Stuart Florida is an important stopping off point for boaters moving from the East to West coast of Florida and vice versa. Many passing though over the the Spring and Fall seasons are trawlers and sailboats, that will need a stopping over night before crossing Lake Okeechobee. This is the case for us. We planned on anchoring in the Manatee Pocket next week before making our way across to the west coast of Florida. I believe the 30 day limit for anchoring will help alleviate any derelict boats from languishing in any anchorage without punishing those of us that are truly "cruisers" and wish to enjoy the independence of staying in an anchorage. Please reconsider removing this cause from this ruling.

Thank you,

Torie Cannon

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