Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Key West removed from Pilot Program

Charmaine, of BARR, reports the following - I've taken the liberty of quoting her press release as I'm too pressed for time with the upcoming Toronto Boat Show to do this myself. Charmaine, thanks for your good work!

UPDATE: KEY WEST HARBOR - Monroe County has dropped Key West Harbor from the Pilot Program. We expected this, as KWH's reason for being in the PP was for the development of Wisteria Island (Christmas Tree Island). Since the private ownership of Wisteria is in question (the US Navy claims ownership) development of Wisteria is on the table, so Key West Harbor is OFF the Pilot Program table! This is wonderful news that Monroe County made this official. Hurrah!

St. Augustine is the only Pilot Program site to have gone through the process of enacting and having approved by the FWC Commission an actual Pilot Program ordinance. Though they requested a ten-day anchoring time limit within their City limits, the FWC Commissioners approved a 30-day limit. This means that within any 90-day period, a vessel can anchor for a maximum of 29 consecutive days. On or before the 30th consecutive day, they can either: take a mooring or leave the City limits for a minimum of 24 hours. Following that, they can then anchor another 29 consecutive days without moving.

The next meeting of the FWC Commissioners, early February, has no Pilot Program sites on its agenda. So we wait for April's meeting. In the meantime we should be seeing proposals being offered by the other Pilot Program sites. Of course we'll keep you informed.

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