Saturday, October 22, 2011

Derelict Vessels Order

Our most recent page, the Derelict Vessels page (link), is courtesy of boating writer and friend John Kettlewell, who found the order itself. When you read it, you will see that there is absolutely NO NEED for the Pilot Program - that derelict and at risk vessels can be dealt with entirely within the framework of this order.
We are being deceived by the FWC and the municipalities when they tell us they need the Pilot Program to control derelict and at risk vessels. Do something about this - pass this link on to your friends, recommend us on Facebook, and write to the FWC, Boat US and NMMA and express your opposition to these people attempting to remove our rights of navigation on Florida waters.
Do it today - don't wait.

p.s. I've written the FWC myself asking specifically why the Pilot Program is needed when General Order 21 (see link here) deals specifically and comprehensively with derelict and at risk vessels. I'll post the answer here when I receive it.

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